enriching relationships between educators and students
Dedicated to enriching relationships between educators and their students


"For the first time, I felt that a professor was engaged with what I had to say."

-undergraduate student is dedicated to enriching relationships between educators and students. Teaching and learning at any level and in all contexts involves a process of relationship building between the teacher and student. The goals of are to:

(1) inspire teachers and students to value and reflect on their interactions with one another and

(2) lead teachers to resources that will enable positive relational turning point events with their students

In nearly every interaction we have with others, lies an opportunity for a relational turning point—an event or occurrence when one or both people in a relationship notice that the relationship has changed in some significant way (Baxter & Bullis, 1986). Although relational turning points have been studied in primarily romantic and friendship relationships, students and teachers also experience turning points with one another. As one college instructor responded, relational turning points involve

“opportunit[ies] to know each other beyond the ‘typical’ interactions that take place in the classroom—where the student/teacher roles blur into a deeper knowing of the person, a perceived mutual respect, the vulnerability of sharing experiences.”

Relational turning points are perhaps some of the most significant moments in our teaching and learning. Whether you are a teacher or student, I invite you to engage with the materials on this website—reflect on your experiences with relational turning points within the educational context, utilize the resources for teachers, or share this website with a colleague.

Enrich the relationships you have, whether as a learner or teacher.